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Your guide to protecting your airbnb in Elizabethtown

March 18, 2022

Whether you sublet your family’s cottage or you run an assortment of Airbnbs, you may find it a challenge to protect your rental properties in Elizabethtown. With actual keys going to different guests, it’s easy to worry about vanishing valuables or past guests arriving unexpectantly. Not to mention, what would you do in the event of a flood or fire at your Airbnb while it’s being leased?

From smart door locks to comprehensive security with home automation, here are some helpful tips on how to protect your Airbnb in Elizabethtown. 

Eliminate those easy-to-lose keys with smart locks

When a guest vacates the premises, they might follow your instructions and provide the keys for the ensuing occupant. However, if a tenant grabbed or copied a key, they would be able to access your place again at a later time. Needless to say, you could replace your locks when a key is “misplaced”, but that takes time and money.

Fortunately, you are now able to install smart door locks that operate along with your home security system to alleviate these worries. You can then give each visitor their own unique entry code. When tenants leave, don't worry about a key dropoff. All you need to do is program the temporary code to no longer work after they’re gone. If previous inhabitants return and make an attempt to enter with their old code on the number pad, you will receive an update of the failed attempt on your smartphone.

Smart home technology makes empty properties appear to be inhabited

It's nice to think that your Elizabethtown rental property will have guests, but that isn’t likely to always be possible. Despite this fact, you need to give an impression that people are present so your rental isn’t targeted by prowlers. Installing home automation into your property’s security allows you to benefit from smart lights, motion detection equipment, and security cameras that make your lodging look occupied.

You can put your plan in motion by scheduling your smart lights to turn on at particular times of the day. You will also want your security smartphone app to warn you if your cameras spot someone lurking around your perimeter or coming to your main entrance. You then are able to employ the talk capability so they know you can see them or set your smart lights to instantly turn on when a surveillance device or motion sensor identifies questionable movement.

Protect your Elizabethtown rental property with 24/7 monitoring

Your occupants can sleep easy if they are safeguarded from criminals, especially when Elizabethtown is somewhat unfamiliar. In the event a robber attempts to break in, your home security system will not only initiate the alarm siren but will also notify your around-the-clock monitoring agents. Regardless of your location, emergency services will be dispatched. Your monitoring agents are capable of acting as your point person and loop you in as soon as you're free.

In addition to break-ins, your monitoring hub can be linked to fire alarms, flood sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. It is likely to be harrowing for your renter if a water heater springs a leak or a fire breaks out. You will then get a smartphone alert that an urgent situation has happened, but an agent will also arrange for assistance while you're on the way.

Request a modern home security package in Elizabethtown

The best way to protect your Elizabethtown rental property is to get a home security system. Fortunately, Vivint offers great features like smart light bulbs, smart door locks, and 24/7 monitoring. Contact us today and our security specialists will design a package that makes sense for your rental. Call (270) 550-1814 or submit the form to get started!